simplicity:what we need

  1. friends most of us want to live with simplicity.i am dealing with our desktop screen.if we want to keep our desktop clear from any content we can cut and paste items to any folder of computer and send it to start menu but we can’t easily remove recycle bin to taskbar.i am here with a trick through which we can easily remove recycle bin to our taskbar and make our desktop clear from any can follow these steps.


1.right-click on your desktop.

2.when the context menu appears go to New and select shortcut.

3.then creat shortcut will appear,input the following into the type the location of the  item.

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe shell:RecycleBinFolder. the next button.

5.input a name for the shortcut Recycle bin. the finish button.

7.the shortcut will appear on the desktop,however you can change the icon.right click on newly created shortcut,and select properties. the change icon button.

9.input the following in the look for icons in this file textbox.

%SystemRoot%\system32\imagerers.dll. enter on your keyboard. the recycle bin the ok button.

12.move the shortcut to your documents library(or any other location).

13.right-click on on shortcut and select pin to taskbar. recycle bin appars on your taskbar.

if you want to remove it just delete it from the location where you have saved it.

thank you.

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