The 15th B’day celebration of Mozilla Firefox

Yes, today is 31st of march and it is the time to remember that Mozilla is now 15 years old but always including new web advancements to make the web better and user friendly.

We all Mozilla lovers and contributos( Chandan kumar, Gaurav Kumar, Mritunjay kumar Singh, Biraj Karmakar, Umesh Agrawal, Abhishekh Singh, Manish Kumar and many more) from Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering college and NIT Durgapur were gathered at Evelyn Restaurant, Bidhannagar, Durgapur to participate in this grand completion of 15th years.

The event was started at 1 PM with the introduction of contributors and how they are involved with Mozilla. There were few new enthusiast also who were having eager to know about Mozilla community and how they can support the web.

After the introduction we celeberatd the B’day by slashing the cake . We had lunch after that and we had a review of previus Mozilla meet. We had decided to organize the ” Mozilla awareness and how to contribute in Mozilla” event in NIT Durgapur next week. After all we had a great fun and it was a nice meeting with enthusiastic Mozillians and event ended at 4 PM.


Mozilla Firefox 21 in hindi

This is another week after the successful completion of Sprint Session for Firefox OS localization in Hindi which was a great success in itself. That event was hosted on on 24th February 2013 and about 4000 submission were made that day. You have a look at Planning pad at the following link:
Today (03rd March, 2013) we were again gathered from every corner of the country to repeat the history and it was a great success.
The vanue was
#india channel on server
#indlinux Channel on server

The pootal server was at:

The event page for the sprint is:

The whole planning was done at
and the participants were:
Rajesh Ranjan, chandan Kumar,
Abhishek Potnis, Keshav Kumar,
Sayan Chowdhury, Suraj Kawade,
Gaurav Kumar Saurav Agrawal
and Amit Kumar Thakur(me)
It is truly said that “enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved”. All the members have given their best effort and with their great enthusiasm we performed very well and about 8000 submissions were made today.I have enjoyed participating in this session a lot and I would like to thank all the participants for their great efforts. Hope soon will join to another Mozilla project.