Let’s talk about Mozilla Projects


I know this is coming a quite late but every plan after execution needs review at its end point. The awareness towards Mozilla and Open web was started in Durgapur from Mozcafe@bcrec from 13th February, 2013. That event was successful. But to measure the success and growth in contribution towards Mozilla and its products from mozcafe@bcrec, we have hosted a event to teach the new contributors and invite them to join the Mozilla mission. We have hosted in Dr. B.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur on 17th Apr,2013.Here newbies were introduced how they can use IRC,mailing list etc as well as the basics of communication, collaboration and contribution of the Mozilla community. Almost 50+ people attended this event.
The agenda of the event was

Introduction to IRC
Introduction to mailing-lists
Tracking bugs on Bugzilla
Basics of Locamotion
Basics of SUMO and Localisation

First of all chandan began talking about out initiative and why this event is important for new contributor.Then we collected the interest(Localization,Code base,SUMO,Design) from the people and noted it down. Then We divided the group according to their interested .

After that, we showed these people how we can communicate in IRC using chatzilla,X-chat also told some basic commands about IRC. Gave them a demo chat session.
After that we came to mailing-lists. Here we showed them some rule i.e how to reply in mailing-list etc.
According to their interest , four groups have been formed —

Video Design and firefox flicks
The first group was laid by umesh. He showed the interest how you can join firefox filcks competition . Also told some basics of design etc.
The second group was laid by Souradeep ,Apporve and Zubin . They told them how to tracking mozilla code base bugs,how to solve that bug via different languages like python , c etc. Approve told about webmaker tools. He and Zubin gave some demo sessions on Thimble, Popcorn Maker and X-Ray Goggles.
Third group was laid by me and Biraj. I showed them how to register in locamotion,how any one does translation via locamotion and Verbatim. Giving them some sample of rules how to do that.I talked about translation tools also showed some style guides for their native language. After that i talked about sumo i.e main features of sumo, how contributors work with that.I also formed a group for sumo interface localization project. Here is the etherpad
Later on few other contributor Sujith Reddy,Ashish Namdev, Aniket Deshpande, Ram Dayal Vaishanav, Ankit Gadgil joined the verbatim localization project and we are rocking there.


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