Destiny Takes a man to Heaven

Yes, it’s true, believe or not but  history is always there as a proof. Whenever a bird flies in the sky, it doesn’t know where it will get the food.Sometimes it gets just at the starting of their journey, sometimes they have to spent their whole days starving for the food .These all are fate. These all are destiny.

But the question is How destiny supports a man ? Do the destiny travels the whole way to give a man comfort and pleasure ? I will say – Nah !!!! nooo. The man have to search for it. They have to strike their mind and finally it says to do some innovative, inspirational Karma. Now the point comes to Karma.

Hello!!! You better know what the Karma mean ? What the Karma says ? What the Karma does ? So do your Karma and believe in your destiny. It may vary from people to people , there may be a delay but finally you will land in the Heaven !!!



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